Never the Same

Have you ever been around two people who spend most of their time together? Say, a husband and wife? They act like each other, think like each other, and even start to talk like each other. They begin to reflect the personality and habits of the other; they’ve transformed a little. Our relationship with Jesus works much in the same way. The more time you spend around Him, and the more you dive into the Word and get to know who He is, how He acted, what He thought–the more you’ll begin to act like Him.

God has called you to new habits. Romans 12:2 reminds us that we aren’t meant to be like this world, or “of this world.” Rather, we are meant to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” We are called to be more like Jesus. It should be our desire to love like Jesus, think like Jesus, and serve like Jesus. But this isn’t something we can do alone. We need God to help us get there.

All relationships take work, including yours with God. So start spending some quality time with Him, and you may be surprised how things change.



**A good place to start is by downloading and using the “read scriptures” app. Like anything worth doing in life, it’s going to take work.

But set realistic goals. It’d be tough to run a marathon without building up endurance in training, right? Even starting out with 15 minutes a day in the Word can get you on track to seeking Him more regularly and fervently as a good habit forms. Keep planting and watering to cultivate your soul, and ask God to give the increase.

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