Never the Same

Have you ever been around two people who spend most of their time together? Say, a husband and wife? They act like each other, think like each other, and even start to talk like each other. They begin to reflect the personality and habits of the other; they’ve transformed a little. Our relationship with Jesus works... Continue Reading →

You Can Overcome

As Christians, we will face trials--whether we’re fighting the world, the flesh, the devil, or a combination of all three. Satan is out to “kill, steal, and destroy”—he wants to frustrate you, he wants to discourage you, and most importantly he wants to separate you from God by tempting you to sin. Being a disciple... Continue Reading →

Every Interaction Matters

Is there really such a thing as a neutral interaction? I’m not so sure. Every move you make either positively or negatively affects other people. Shocking, right? You either have a positive or a negative effect on the people around you. It may be minuscule, but it’s unavoidable. When you consider the eternal significance of... Continue Reading →

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